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    Kronos SaaShr, Inc. enables providers of Payroll, Human Resources and other related services to deliver our workforce management applications under a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Through our private-label, channel-focused approach, service providers like you are assured that you are our top priority.

    Typical Organizations that Partner with Kronos SaaShr

    We have been working solely through a channel of accredited resellers since our inception, and have identified a few types of organizations that find our partnership opportunities to be a particularly attractive option.

    If you find your market segment below, click the link to find out more about how we work with organizations that have a business model similar to yours.

    For service providers interested in finding out general benefits that are incurred through a partnership with Kronos SaaShr, see our service provider overview page.

    Flexible Software that Meets the Needs of Virtually Any Sized Business and Any Industry

    Fact: software can't be everything to everyone. However, in the workforce management space, Kronos SaaShr is coming close. This is possible through the use of a pooled knowledge base garnished from a unique collaborative process with both an accredited reseller base and the customers they serve. This cross-disciplinary knowledge is then adapted to the application itself.

    Our philosophy is one that focuses on software conforming to peoples' needs, rather than people conforming to the limitations of the software. Leveraging the multi-tenant Kronos SaaS delivery model, our applications are extremely adaptable to virtually any-sized company, within any specific industry. The applications were built from the ground up to be flexible enough to cover almost any business requirements. All of the workforce management applications we develop are part of a core Kronos SaaS delivery platform that has been proven in small to mid-sized businesses across a broad spectrum of industries. Here are a few of the industries our accredited resellers have communicated recurring success:

    For more information on choosing a software as a service provider, attain our complimentary white paper.

    How Do End-Users Benefit from the SaaS Model?

    Our role in the business model remains primarily with the maintenance, ongoing development and supporting the infrastructure that is necessary to deliver SaaS. With one software platform,service providers like you are able to support a broad spectrum of users across many functional areas.

    Here are some of the benefits that your customers enjoy when moving from an on-premise or legacy application to utilizing our SaaS-based applications:

    • Lower total cost of ownership over client-installedsoftware
    • Applications require fewer technical resources to support
    • Greater data accessibility and security
    • Single source accountability

    Service providers interested in attaining a copy of our free partner kit can click here.

    End-users interested in finding an accredited reseller in their area can click here.

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    The flexibility of this application will allow us to expand our client base, while still satisfying virtually all client needs.
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