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    As a value added reseller (VAR), you might find yourself dealing with some of the similar challenges faced by other organizations in your space, such as:

    • Covering more of the needs customers require
    • Finding products and services that are easy to sell and support
    • Staying ahead of an industry that is rapidly advancing

    Kronos SaaShr, Inc. is a technology partner that helps value added resellers like you meet these challenges by providing you with advanced products and services that will keep you ahead of the curve. Our technical expertise, combined with deep industry knowledge and unique collaborative processes with our accredited resellers can help anticipate what the market needs from the software. Our partnership and the software involved will assist your organization in maintaining a leadership position in the industry.

    We have the vision, technology, and professional knowledge to take your business and the business of your customers into the future.

    Selling without Boundaries by Leveraging the Cloud


    All of our workforce management applications, including HR, payroll, and time and labor management are delivered under a software as a service (SaaS) model. These applications will help transition your organization to conduct business remotely via the web, broaden your customer base, gain market share, and increase close ratios.

    Instead providing on-premise software or hardware and attaining a single payment for your services, you will collect predictable, recurring revenue each month for the applications you provide to customers. Like a water meter, utility-based pricing helps drive profits to your bottom line. And with few, if any, IT resources required to implement the applications, you can reduce the time to market, sell, and support your customers.

    To learn more about our business model and the partnership opportunities we offer, attain a copy of our partner kit.

    Create Tighter Integration with Customers' Existing Services


    A platform that brings together the best-of-breed solutions or applications associated with your customers' needs is hard to come by. We understand the increasing expectancy that customers have for you to be a one-stop shop for both core and ancillary business services. The flexibility of our workforce management platform enables the solutions we offer to be utilized and provided individually, as a complete suite, or in conjunction with other third party applications, content and services.

    With the ability to simply plug-and-play virtually any third party application into our platform, you can offer your customers the same user experience across all applications. There are no restrictions or requirements on what core products you will use or what third party applications you can bring into the platform. You have the power to choose what mix of products and services work best.

    Limiting Risk and Expanding Your Offering with No Upfront Costs


    Sometimes it's hard to invest those upfront licensing costs for new products when you are not exactly sure how existing or prospective customers will react to them. With no upfront costs for our human resources or time and labor management applications, there is no worry or risk involved when it comes to taking on additional applications for your offering.

    VARs interested in finding out more about our partnership opportunities can take the next step and receive a free copy of our partner kit.

    End-users seeking a VAR can click here to find an accredited reseller in their area.

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