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    As a service provider, in most scenarios it is nearly impossible to both sell services and support clients while developing proprietary software. Oftentimes, it's necessary for service providers like you to partner with a software vendor to expand or update the products and services in your offering.

    Working through our channel of accredited resellers, we provide the option for you to offer our powerful suite of workforce management applications, including Human Resources (HR), Payroll, and Time and Labor Management, under a private label model. With this model, service providers like you can continue to build your brand to prospective and existing customers.

    To find out more about the types of organizations that Kronos SaaShr, Inc. partners with, visit our Market Segments page.

    Partnering with us provides your organization with a powerful competitive advantage in the marketplace by affording you the opportunity to brand, package and configure the offering how you want. Adapting your brand to the software's look and feel also ensures that customers are constantly recognizing your name, not ours.

    How is the Relationship Structured?

    Typically, service providers that partner with us make a market for the software and provide first tier customer support. Alternatively, we act as your technology partner developing the software, and providing the infrastructure, ongoing enhancements, and second tier support. As a true multi-tenant SaaS provider, we are able to propagate upgrades to the applications across the entire partner network allowing you and your customers to immediately leverage the latest features and enhancements.

    Interested in learning more about what to look for when choosing a software as a service provider? Download our complimentary white paper.

    What are the Benefits of a Partnership with Kronos SaaShr?

    Allowing us to act as your technology partner enables you to more easily gain market share, broaden your customer base, and increase close ratios by offering a more diverse and advanced range of services.

    By engaging in a partnership, you can:

    • Build more predictable, recurring revenue streams
    • Shorten implementation, training, and support time across multiple applications
    • Improve customer interaction and retention through a more dynamic user experience
    • Minimize business risk by providing greater data redundancy and security

    How Can Service Providers Partner with Kronos SaaShr?

    It's simple - Under our software access agreement, both you and your customers gain access to the appropriate applications within a secure hosting environment managed by the Kronos SaaShr team. We take care of all necessary software, hardware, and connectivity so that your team can focus on gaining new customers and growing your business.

    Get a free copy of our partner kit.

    Service providers interested in learning more about partnership opportunities can click here to attain more information.

    End-users interested in finding an accredited reseller in your area can click here to attain more information.

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    This partnership will make it possible for us to bring more value to prospective and existing customers, which will enable us to expand our business on multiple fronts.
    Mark Bradley
    Axiom HRS
    Since we began our partnership with SaaShr we have been able to meet the needs of clients with a solid product backed by great customer service and technical support.
    Jessica West
    Decision HR
    The impact from this partnership has been extremely positive and helpful to us. I can't say anything negative about it.
    Michael Averill
    Innovative Business Solutions
    For us to stay competitive, we needed a strategic partner that could apply cutting edge resources to our clients.
    Paula Fulgham
    Ideal Business Solutions