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    Typically, the Administrative Services Organization (ASO) model has less revenue per client than the growing popularity of the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) model. As an ASO, you might find yourself dealing with some similar challenges faced by other organizations in your space, such as:

    • Generating revenue that is comparable to the PEO model
    • Integrating the various products and services you offer into one platform for customers
    • Covering all the potential workforce-related needs of both potential and existing customers

    Kronos SaaShr, Inc. is a technology partner that helps ASOs like you meet these challenges while taking your business to the next level. We'll keep you ahead of the curve by providing you with a wide variety products and services on a single workforce management platform. Our technical expertise, combined with deep industry knowledge and unique collaborative processes with our accredited resellers can help anticipate what the market needs from the software in order for you to maintain a leadership position.

    We have the vision, technology, and professional expertise to take your business and the business of your customers into the future.

    Providing a Single Platform and Interface for Customer Needs

    Our workforce management suite, which includes payroll, HR, and time and labor management, allows you to provide our applications individually, as a complete suite, or in conjunction with other third party applications, content and services. Even though you are not taking ownership of your customers' employees and may not be the go-to provider for all of your customers needs, your revenue per client will still increase. This is because your customers will have a higher perceived value of these integrated services, and they are usually willing to pay a premium for that.

    Taking our technology one step further than other software vendors, we have created a cutting-edge Ancillary Product and Service Marketplace that can cover virtually any workforce-related needs your customers have within a single interface. This marketplace allows you to strengthen customer relationships by providing access to a wider range of connected services that will also serve as profit centers and facilitate the generation of additional recurring revenue streams.

    To learn more about the ancillary product and service marketplace or our partnership opportunities, click here to attain a free copy of our partner kit.

    Categories within the marketplace include, but are not limited to:

    • Enterprise Resource Planning
    • HR Content
    • Online Learning
    • Workers' Compensation
    • Benefits Enrollment
    • Background Screening
    • ACH
    • 401k

    This powerful marketplace truly allows you to advance your offering even beyond that of any publicly held payroll companies.

    Benefits of the ASO Partnership

    We provide ASOs with the freedom and choice to brand, package, position, and price our workforce management applications how you want in the market. We simply leave it up to you and your organization's needs.

    ASOs also enjoy the fact that we:

    • Offer the ability to private label (also known as white label) applications
    • Provide training and 2nd tier support to assist you in accomplishing your organization's goals
    • Have a collaborative software development process and use partners' feedback to determine future enhancements

    ASOs interested in learning more about partnership opportunities, can click here to attain a free copy of our partner kit.

    End-users seeking an ASO can click here to find an accredited reseller in their area.

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