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    According to the American Staffing Association (ASA), the U.S. staffing industry lost 1.14 million jobs - 37% of its work force - during the 2007-09 recession. This no doubt, had a major impact on your business and negatively affected your revenue. Staffing firms like yours need to create more predictable, recurring revenue streams to will ensure that if another recession is to surface, you will continue to thrive.

    As a staffing firm you might find yourself dealing with some of the similar challenges faced by other organizations in your space, such as:

    • As the competitive landscape for staffing services becomes more competitive, prices for your services are falling and margins are becoming thinner
    • Focusing on a micro-issue like hiring, and not understanding customers' overall business needs
    • Seasonal dips in revenue Staffing needs are not a service that companies always need
    • Companies' hiring requirements are becoming more specific and there are not enough candidates with the right skill sets to fill these open positions

    Kronos SaaShr, Inc. is a technology partner that helps staffing firms like yours meet these challenges by providing you with the products and services that will keep you ahead of the curve. The partnership we offer and the software involved will assist your organization in maintaining a leadership position in the industry.

    Expanding Your Services Beyond Staffing

    The needs of your customers are drastically changing. Yes, they still have core staffing needs, but they are looking for other services too. How are you capitalizing on the additional customer requests that arise before or after their staffing needs are met? You have an outstanding opportunity to be able to fill customer needs, focus on what they want, and integrate additional revenue-impacting services within your business model.

    We provide staffing firms with workforce management applications, including HR, payroll, and time and attendance. Even providing only one of these services, would significantly increase your ability to attract and retain customers. With the ability to license our HR and time and labor management applications for no upfront costs, there is relatively no risk for you to look into the opportunity.

    To learn more about our applications and the ancillary product and service marketplace, click here to receive a free copy of our partner kit.

    Benefits to Staffing Firms and Customers

    We put your business in a position to reach new heights of success while enabling you to retain ownership of customers and master your sales, support, and industry as a whole. Here are a few aspects of our business model that staffing firms find attractive:

    • Private Label - A customizable set of marketing and sales materials helps to attract more customers while the adaptation of your logo and company colors to the look and feel of the software allows you to retain brand recognition
    • Complete Back-Office Tools - Streamline sales, support and billing processes with a unique set of tools built with service providers like you in mind
    • Freedom - You determine how you want to package, position, and price your offering

    Here are a few aspects of our applications that your customers will find attractive:

    • Zero maintenance, IT resources, or installation are required for them or their staffing firm
    • Adaptability allows any industry or business to customize the software to the needs of their business
    • Fully web-based our applications can be accessed at anytime from anywhere
    • Overall, the applications have a lower total cost of ownership than traditional software

    Staffing Firms interested in finding out more about our partnership opportunities can take the next step and receive a free copy of our partner kit.

    End-users seeking a staffing firm can find an accredited reseller in their area.

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