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    In the June 2011 issue of Manufacturing & Technology News, Richard McCormack shared that the manufacturing sector has lost five million jobs over the past decade. These losses were not only attributed to a shortage of jobs, but were also due to a shortage of trained workers.

    As an organization in the manufacturing space, you might find yourself dealing with some of the similar challenges faced by other facilities in your industry, such as:

    • Complexities with labor contracts that determine complications in pay rules for employee lunches, breaks, or premium pay
    • Loss of productivity from employees taking longer than designated breaks or lunches
    • Employee time theft through the use of 'buddy punching'
    • Lack of employees with specialized training or an inability to track training and certifications

    Kronos SaaShr, Inc. helps organizations like yours meet these and many other challenges with workforce management solutions that are provided through accredited resellers. Our applications also help manufacturers with:

    • Determining the most profitable employees in terms of piece work per hour
    • Automating pay calculations (or deductions) for lunches, breaks, overtime, shift differentials, etc.
    • Maintaining HR compliance and automating the submission of online forms like I-9's and W-4's
    • Management of safety or other types of training for employees

    We will match organizations in the manufacturing industry with a service provider that has proven expertise with other facilities just like yours. These service providers will act as your business partner, and share best practices to automate and outsource administrative tasks while allowing you and your employees to focus on the manufacturing side of business.

    End-users in the manufacturing industry can click here to learn more and find an accredited reseller in their area.

    Service providers interested in learning more about providing our workforce management solutions to the manufacturing industry can click here to attain a free copy of our partner kit.

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