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    The private sector is not the only segment experiencing the negative effects of the recession. The public sector has experienced pay and hiring freezes, layoffs, and the need to shift more costs to employees and retirees. As a result, many government subsidies are working to cut costs in order to avoid experiencing more of these issues.

    As a government entity, you might find yourself dealing with similar challenges faced by other divisions in your sector, such as:

    • Spending additional payroll dollars on employees' unauthorized overtime
    • Paper intensive and manual processes associated with tracking accrued time off
    • Garnishing a global view of labor costs to understand where additional resources can be invested or reduced

    Kronos SaaShr, Inc. helps the public sector meet challenges such as these with workforce management solutions that are provided through accredited resellers. Our applications also help government institutions like yours with:

    • Managing assets that include vehicles, contracts, and other government property
    • Recruitment and onboarding that enable candidate and new hire self-service
    • Succession planning for a rapidly aging workforce

    We will match government institutions with a service provider that has proven expertise with entities such as yours. These service providers will act as your business partner, and share best practices to automate and outsource administrative tasks. This allows you and your employees to allocate more resources to your day-to-day responsibilities.

    End-users in the public sector can click here to find an accredited reseller in their area.

    Service providers interested in learning more about providing our workforce management solutions to the public sector can click here to attain a free copy of our partner kit.

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