The Solution Being Leveraged by Companies Exactly Like Yours

    With thousands of businesses managing their workforce on our applications, chances are there’s a franchise of your brand using our platform.  If not, there are businesses very similar to your own that are thriving by reducing costs, improving productivity and reducing compliance risk.

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    Find a Single Payroll and HR Provider for Your Franchisees

    Do you have franchisees calling you and asking you what to do for payroll? How to track their employees’ hourly time?  What to do in terms of onboarding employees and forms?  By joining our referral program, we can connect you with a single service provider that offers the solutions you and your franchisees need to effectively manage your workforce and optimize business processes. 

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    Become the Administrative Arm of Your Franchisees

    Imagine that, not only do your franchisees pay you to use your brand and for supplies, but they can potentially pay you to provide them with administrative services and solutions.  If you employ a payroll and HR team, this type of reseller partnership may be for you.

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