• Are You Getting The Most Out of Your Workforce?

    The answer to achieving your core business goals lies within your most expensive asset, one that is often overlooked as a source of potential savings and productivity - your workforce. One search online and you'll quickly see that there are an overwhelmingly large number of options when it comes to workforce management solutions, and it's probably left you with a lot of questions. We understand that it can be difficult to make such a critical decision for your business.

    The Workforce Management Solution Designed With You In Mind

    Kronos SaaShr Inc.'s workforce management solution was developed with you, the end-user, specifically in mind. Our solution leverages the power of the cloud to enable SMBs like yours to leverage enterprise-level capabilities at a fraction of the costs with no investments in on-premise hardware. The three core products - Payroll, Human Resources, and Time and Labor Management - all reside on a single-platform, allowing for a single employee record, and information to be displayed in real-time, which empowers people like you to see the full picture of your operations wherever you are.

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    We're dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience. Rather than selling and supporting our solutions directly to thousands of businesses, we partner with an exclusive network of service providers around the country who take a consultative approach to identifying your needs, and who specialize in working with the businesses, industries, and legislation specific to your region.

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    The Tools To Efficiently Manage Your Workforce

    Our workforce management suite takes the guesswork out of labor expenses by delivering opportunities to identify and eliminate hidden 'payroll leakage' costs such as reducing unneeded overtime or better managing unexpected absences.  These applications improve productivity by providing real-time data across your workforce, allowing you to make in-the-moment decisions and helping you have the right people the right place at the right time - to deliver better customer service, improve client satisfaction, or increase output.

    By utilizing the right tools and technology to manage your workforce, along with a trusted expert to provide service and support, you can gain a deeper understanding of how your most important asset is impacting your overall business.

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