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    Many educational institutions across the spectrum from K-12 schools to colleges and universities have been facing budget cuts for some time now, which leaves these institutions scrambling to teach more students with fewer resources. As a result, these facilities must:

    • Reduce the amount of overtime paid
    • Eliminate payroll leakage associated with accrued time off, manual errors, etc.
    • Increase the level of accountability across the institution
    • Provide fast and accurate reporting to ensure continuation of federal and state funding

    Kronos SaaShr, Inc. assists these educational institutions in meeting these and many similar challenges with workforce management solutions that are provided through accredited resellers. Our applications help facilities in the educational industry to:

    • Track non-teacher employees' time for each job or task being worked on with the option to specify different rates for each
    • Create recurring and consistent performance management reviews
    • Adhere to union labor changes in pay or certain benefits across multiple employees simultaneously
    • Coordinate reports and track cases for any incidents that may occur

    We will match institutions in the education industry with a service provider that has proven expertise with organizations just like yours. These providers will act as your business partner, and share best practices to automate and outsource administrative tasks allowing you and your employees to focus on education.

    End-users in the education industry can click here to find an accredited reseller in their area.

    Service providers interested in learning more about providing our workforce management solutions to the education industry can click here to attain a free copy of our partner kit.

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