• SaaS Delivery Model

    Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has emerged as an effective delivery model for automating standardized business processes in the workplace, particularly in the areas of payroll and human resources. The SaaS model is predicated on a 'one-to-many' or multi-client deployment whereby an application is shared across customers remotely via an Internet browser or back-end web service.

    A key premise of Kronos SaaShr Inc.'s business model is that we invest in the technology, hardware and related infrastructure components rather than leaving it up to service providers like you or your customers.

    As a result, you and your customers benefit from...

    • Single-source accountability that leads to more successful rollouts
    • Applications that require fewer technical resources to implement and support
    • Centralized code management ensuring the most current version of software is used
    • Lower total cost of ownership

    System Architecture

    The nature of SaaS allows ongoing software development efforts to mirror customer needs because of the centralized approach to system usage. As software features are accessed, usage patterns can be monitored to improve performance and overall user acceptance without jeopardizing personal information. Functionality is simply expanded or scaled back, making it easier for you to support a variety of size and industry specific customers with a single platform.

    Innovative back office tools reduce the time required to market, sell, and support users at all levels; helping you compete more effectively in the marketplace as well as:

    • Simplify and build more effective sales demonstrations
    • Streamline data conversion to minimize "go live" time
    • Monitor ongoing usage to improve user experience

    Rather than limiting integration to single sign on capabilities, integration occurs at the presentation layer, or more commonly known as the user interface. This level of integration is achieved through service oriented architecture (SOA), which allows applications to more freely exchange data.

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