• Current Vendor Not Meeting Your Needs?

    You're here for a reason - you have doubts about your current vendor. Maybe you feel that they can't help you continue to remain competitive, that you've outgrown their product, and perhaps ultimately, that they can't take your company into the future. In many cases, a service provider's workforce management vendor does not have the vision, technology, people, or processes in place to enable them to overcome the challenges they face today and anticipate tomorrow.

    The Power of the Kronos SaaShr, Inc. Reseller Platform

    Your vendor needs a unique go-to-market strategy focused on a network of accredited, regional reseller partners, and is totally invested in enabling their partners to succeed and grow. Resellers of Kronos SaaShr see how our culture of service drives active collaboration with our partner channel to address the ever-changing needs of the service providers we work with and the clients they serve.  We incorporate that feedback into the only single database workforce management platform available to companies like yours today under a private label, or white label, model that's complete with Payroll, Human Resources, and Time and Labor Management This unique partner and user-centric perspective is often a breath of fresh air for resellers accustomed to the "take it or leave it" approach of traditional technology vendors.

    We've found that the following types of companies are most commonly interested in reselling our platform or the workforce management applications within it:

    A True Reseller Partnership

    Kronos SaaShr resellers gain an inherent advantage over service providers that partner with other vendors for several key reasons:

    • Technology - First and foremost, it's about our technology, which helps you go up market, collect more revenue per client, and increase client retention rates. When going head to head with a competitor, Kronos SaaShr partners are confident that they can't be beat on this front.
    • Exclusivity - We don't want every provider under the sun reselling this platform, and neither do you. We strategically partner with service providers in specific geographic areas, and make it a point not to put anyone in your back yard allowing you to increase market share in your area. 
    • Sales Enablement Program - Dedicated to helping our resellers grow their business, we have a number of resources committed to generating and qualifying not just end user leads, but also potential referral partners like benefit brokers and accounting firms. 
    • Marketing and Sales Support - From marketing collateral to demo support, promotional videos, and in-depth competitor reports, we provide resellers with the materials, tools, and programs to win more deals.
    • Partner Success Managers (PSMs) -  Each of our partners is assigned a dedicated PSM that is responsible solely on ensuring your success with the platform and into the future. 
    • Voice - Our product management team actively seeks partner feedback to incorporate into future releases. This allows us to collectively bring to market a best-in-class solution addressing the needs of today's SMBs.

    Kronos SaaShr has the reseller partnership program in place that essentially makes your growth and success a science. We understand where the workforce management industry is growing, and with the resources and backing from Kronos, we can help you get to tomorrow's technology, today, before the competition. 

    Join the Kronos SaaShr reseller partnership program today, and see how easy growing your business and keeping your clients happy can be. 

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