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    Your clients are asking for payroll, HRIS, or some other workforce management and human capital solution.  As a provider of products or services that are used in conjunction with these types of solutions, your clients are asking you which provider they should go with that you trust... that will do a good job.  Or perhaps your biggest competitors are providing these products today, and you don’t have the ability or desire to expand your offering to include these.  Good news though, we’ll help you expand your business network and offer these types of services through a third party, one of our accredited resellers as part of our referral program, at no cost to you.

    Like you, our resellers are regional service providers that take an extremely personal, consultative, and customer service-oriented approach to their business. Through this referral partnership program, you can offer your SMB clients robust workforce management solutions designed to conform to their specific business needs.  While the national providers you come up against or already refer business to simply cannot compete with the level of technology and service our partners provide.

    Here are some of the types of businesses that have found the most success within our referral program:

    Not on the list? Let’s see if you can find your industry here. Don’t worry if you can’t; our reseller partners work with all types of businesses that have SMBs as clients.


    Two Ways to Refer Your Clients

    You have two ways to help your clients attain these services to join the program:

    1. We match you up with one of our reseller partners that you would directly work with and refer clients to. By working with one reseller partner exclusively, you are able to build a working relationship with that partner. If appropriate, and with your clients’ permission, this gives you access to pertinent client accounts or information in an account built for your business. Contact us to find a partner that can best meet both you and your clients’ needs.
    1. You refer each individual client to us, and we then match them up with the best-fit partner on a case-by-case basis. By allowing our team to individually select the partner that best fits each client you refer over, you ensure that your clients are working with the service provider that can serve them best. This also enables your clients in various locations to work with a regional partner that specializes in working with businesses in that area. Contact us to refer a client.


    Your personable approach and vast expertise give you a distinct advantage against these national companies in your space, but you need a way of providing clients with the other services they’re looking for and with the same level of personal service. Joining the Kronos SaaShr, Inc. referral program enables you to do just that and build your network, allowing you to differentiate yourself from the competition. Contact us if you’re interested in joining our referral program.

    Alternatively, if you want to explore providing these solutions directly, explore our reseller program.

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