• Three Ways to Partner with Us

    Your SMB clients are looking for advanced workforce management solutions that help to recruit, retain, manage, and grow their workforce.  These clients are undoubtedly looking for you to provide them with these solutions directly, refer them to a third party for the solutions, or integrate your products and services with these solutions. We have you covered on all these fronts with a SaaS-based best-in-class workforce management suite that brings enterprise-level functionality to the SMB market.

    Reseller Partnership

    Service providers leverage a reseller partnership to private label, or white label, our workforce management platform as their own and are responsible for sales, implementation, and support. The technology enables you to:

    • Go Up Market
    • Increase Revenue Generated Per Client
    • Decrease Client Churn Rates


    You have your choice to provide any mix of our applications, which include Payroll, Human Resources (HR), and Time and Labor Management. This is a true partnership that offers the programs, tools, and materials to help make your success a science.

    Contact us for more details about our reseller partnership and becoming a reseller partner.

    Typically, this partnership works best with payroll providers and workforce management solution providers.  Learn more about the typical types of companies and industries we work with in this reseller partnership.

    Referral Partnership

    If you’re a service provider that has clients looking for payroll and other workforce management solutions, but you don’t want to provide these yourself, you can take part in our referral program. In this partnership, you can choose to:

    • Be referred to one of our existing regional resellers, who you can work with to refer clients to.
    • Refer each client directly to us, and we will find the best reseller match for each client on a case by case basis.

    Both methods have their distinct benefits, if you’re interested in learning more about the referral program, contact us.

    Click here to find out about the typical types of companies and industries we work with in this type of partnership, and why more and more of them contact us every day about working with our resellers. 


    Technology Partnership

    We’re a little different than most vendors in that we like to take a quality vs. quantity approach to our technology partnerships. Instead of just developing a Single Sign-On integration with third-party products and services, we go deeper and facilitate the exchange of data, often incorporating your product within the same user interface as the rest of our platform.  That product is then featured in our Marketplace where you are credited as the add-on’s developer.

    This partnership enables you to become part of a workforce management platform that is a complete one-stop shop solution for virtually any needs of thousands of today’s small to mid-sized business. Click here to learn more about becoming a technology partner.

    No matter what type of business you have, if you provide products or services to the SMB space, Kronos SaaShr, Inc. has a partnership that will allow you to capitalize on our robust workforce management platform. Contact us today to discuss how we can work together.


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