• Private Label Model Software

    As a provider of payroll, human resources, time and labor management, and/or related services, Kronos SaaShr, Inc. understands the importance of retaining strong relationships with your customers each and every day.

    In order to further preserve a service provider's brand like yours in the marketplace, we offer the option to deliver our software through a private-label or white-label model. The private-label model allows you to continue building awareness of your organization's brand and gaining mindshare within the market.

    What Can Be Leveraged Under a Private-Label Model?

    Branded Software - You are given the opportunity to configure a logo and the rest of your company's look and feel components to match those of your brand to the user interface of the software. Additionally, the user interface could be further customized to match that of your customer's company. For many organizations this can contribute to a better sense of ownership and greater accountability.

    Personalized Demonstration Environments - The workforce management platform supplies you with the means to create customized demonstration environments based on your preferences or the preferences of prospective customers. Using a prospective customer's logo and colors throughout a demonstration can increase the comfort level with unfamiliar software and allow you to increase the likelihood of a conversion. Additionally, you can create multiple demonstration environments geared towards covering specific features that are attractive to different industries.

    Tailored Reporting for Customers - Similar to the software and demonstration environments, you can create custom reports based on your customer's preferences. Meaning your company name or your customer's company name, logo and/or other identifying brand attributes can be integrated throughout reports.

    Customized Materials - We will provide you with a wealth of different consumer-facing marketing, sales, training, and support materials that can incorporate your brand. You can create your own marketing materials or use those that have been created by our marketing group and adapted to your brand - it is completely up to you. You can position the workforce management applications however you would like.

    We truly act as an extension of your brand, offering assistance with sales demonstrations, implementation, and training sessions among many other processes.

    Furthermore, our marketing group also works to help you increase visibility by providing website content, offering flash movies, creating case studies, and distributing press releases that help you establish creditability and promote your organization.

    Are you a service provider interested in learning more about partnership opportunities? Click here to learn about what else your company can accomplish with a private-label model.

    Are you an end-user looking for a provider of workforce management solutions? Click here to locate an accredited reseller in your area.

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