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    Kronos SaaShr, Inc. is a leading provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) based workforce management applications with a major focus in Human Resources (HR), Payroll, and Time and Labor Management. These solutions can be used individually, as a complete suite, or in conjunction with other third party applications, content, and/or services. We provide the platform for our applications and third party offerings to be accessed within one interface. Virtually any additional workforce-related needs are covered with the advent of our ancillary product and service marketplace.

    Target Market

    Our offering is available through a channel of accredited resellers. We partner with service providers like you that focus in the payroll, human resources, and/or a related space and target small to medium-sized markets in a wide range of industries.


    Established in 2002, our organization has evolved in response to the ever-changing needs of both providers and customers of payroll and human resources services.

    After being acquired by Kronos in 2012, our user-centric philosophy remains unchanged and is one that focuses on software conforming to peoples' needs, rather than people conforming to the limitations of software. In adapting this mindset, we actively collaborate with our partner base of accredited resellers and respond to valuable feedback from their customer community to determine the direction of the software. This allows us to collectively bring to market a highly configurable, scalable, and secure suite of user-centric workforce management solutions that benefit both service providers like you and your customers.


    It is our vision to continually improve the user experience of our software by building an ecosystem of the most powerful workforce management solutions, while broadening integrations with and allowing open access to third party applications, content and/or services in order to provide enterprise-level quality to you and your customers.

    Mission Statement

    "The needs of our partners and their customers come first. Our primary goal is to enable you, a provider of payroll and human resources services, to more effectively attract and retain customers while lowering internal processing costs."


    If you are a service provider interested in learning more about partnership opportunities, click here to attain a copy of our partner kit.

    If you are an end-user seeking a solution, please click here to locate one of our accredited resellers in your area.

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    Private Label Business Model

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